Rachel Reveley


http://www.lovehoney.co.uk Front-end development, 2013

I have worked at Lovehoney since 2010 working as front-end developer across several e-commerce and brochureware sites. Initially my focus was on modernising the front-end code, taking advantage of new techniques to improve efficiency and more importantly making the code programmatic and therefore more predictable. I then began the process of unifying the code used across the separate websites for the eventual merger into a single platform.

In 2012 I started the process of developing the site to work responsively across mobile and tablet devices without affecting a loyal and vocal desktop based community. This meant working carefully in stages. Stage 1 was the basic conversion of the static CSS into a modular LessCSS framework. Stage 2 was to convert the pixel based grid system into a percentage based one while maintaining the fixed width layout of the site. The third stage was to develop the tablet experience and finally the fourth stage saw the development of the mobile experience.

This process is somewhat backwards to the holy grail of 'mobile first' but was necessary to prevent disruption to existing customers and employees and also to maintain backwards compatibility with older browsers without the need for plugins which can drastically slow down the site for such users.